Define a common Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) And its benefits

We all are already well familiar with the term effluent at least those who are running small or large scale industries and the chemical factories, the effluent is all the waste that comes out along with the water from all these factories and industries. These effluents contain a lot of toxic materials that can be harmful to the health of the people, living beings, and also for the atmosphere and the environment.

Therefore, to avoid such harmful situations it becomes very much necessary for the user to get the effluent containing water treated before releasing it into the environment for the sake of the safety and security of the environment, atmosphere, and the lives that are breathing on Earth. Through this treatment procedure, the effluent is separated from the wastewater and the water then becomes fit to be released into the environment.

But, as the technologies that are being used at these industries and factories are advancing every day so are the effluents and therefore, it is not at all possible now to get the industrial water treated and purified without the use of an effluent treatment plant in India. 



But as the installation and the whole setup and then the maintenance of the plants involves the investment of a huge amount of money so; this becomes difficult for some of the industrialist and the factory owners to manage enough funds to invest in an effluent treatment plant. The small scale industrialists are seen facing this issue much more as they already work with a limited fund.

However, the government has now made it compulsory for every chemical-related or any other such industry to have an effluent treatment plant installed in its setup. So, to help the people with the same government is now providing the small scale industrialists to have a common effluent treatment plant installed in their setup area. Under this, all the active small scale industrialists of a particular area can come together and file an application in the concerned government authority of their place for having a common effluent treatment plant installed in their area.

So, to bring it all in a few and simpler words we can say that a common effluent treatment plant is a type of effluent treatment plant that is designed in a way that it can be installed in a particular area and then all the small scale industries of that area can use that one treatment plant for fulfilling their needs of the wastewater treatment. The use of this type of effluent treatment plant is only effective in the case of the small scale industries and factories as the wastewater produced by them is not much in amount and therefore can be easily handled by the plant.

Now that the basic definition of a common effluent treatment plant seems quite clear, so we shall now take the discussion further to the common Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Benefit.

Well, the only benefit that the users of a common effluent treatment plant get to enjoy is lesser investments of the money or one can say that when it comes to the installation and the setup of a common effluent treatment plant then, it becomes easy for the people to invest as all the money is collected from all the small scale industrialists and pooled so this practice brings the whole cost of the installation, setup and maintenance of the plant to small monetary contributions.

Other than that there is nothing much different about a common effluent treatment plant than that of an effluent treatment plant. The common effluent treatment plant also benefits in the same way as an effluent treatment plant does also the workings of both types of plants are quite similar to each other. All the contaminated water coming out of the various industries is very efficiently cleaned by these plants with the help of the latest features that are there added to their designs.

Leading to the conclusion of this discussion, one can say that there are various types of wastewater treatment plants and each of them is designed for a specific use so, the effluent treatment plants the common ones or the general ones are designed keeping in mind all that is needed for the proper treatment of the dangerous effluent containing water coming out of the various large as well as small scale industries and factories.


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