What are the points to consider before installing a fume extraction system?

We all already know the functioning of a fume extraction system, it is used for the extraction of toxic fumes from various industries, and the fume extractors or the fume extraction systems are not just limited to the extraction of those toxic fumes the reason for them being important at such industries is that these systems work on the treatment of the fumes and once the fumes are treated only then they are released into the atmosphere. If these fumes will be released without any sort of treatment then breathing in an atmosphere filled with all such toxic poisonous fumes can really be very harmful to the person it may lead to serious breathing and other such health issues.

With the increasing number of industries, it has become very much necessary for the industrialists to have these fume extraction system in Haryana installed at their commercial setups for the sake of providing a healthy environment and atmosphere to the people living around the area or living in the state. But as it comes to the installation, selection, and purchasing of the fume extraction system that is where it becomes a bit problematic and complicated for people it is so because not everyone has all the deep inside knowledge that is associated with the fume extraction systems.


So, here in this guide, we will be helping out all such people with lesser knowledge regarding the fume extraction system. Going by the given topic we will be discussing the various factors or the points that one should keep in mind while installing the fume extraction systems or while purchasing them or while making a selection of them.

Given below is the list of the factors that one should keep in mind while planning the installation of a fume extraction system:

  • The process in which the fume extraction system is to be used exactly such as during welding, paint spraying, screen printing, fiberglass laying out.
  • Also, one should be considerate regarding the nature of fumes that are to be collected and given treatment.
  • Also one should keep in mind the number of machines working at one particular point of time.
  • Also one should be careful regarding the type of filters that should be used.

Talking further in detail regarding the types of filters in detail we can say that the different types of filters use different types of methods for removal of particulate from the airstream.

The different types of methods that are used by the filters of fume extraction systems are all given as follows:

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  • Wet scrubber.
  • Packed tower.
  • Impingement jet.
  • Heat Recovery.
  • Visual indicators.

Some of the additional points that should be considered by the person while planning the installation or purchase of a fume extraction system are airflow of the fume extraction system, disposable versus self-cleaning.

Other than these there are also certain basic things that one should check and should be careful about during the process of installation and during the process of purchase those are ease to use the fume extraction system should have an interface that is easy to understand and also to use, also the filters should be easy to be opened also the fume extraction system should be provided with the regular maintenance. Also, always the buyer or the person getting it installed at its commercial setup should demand a proper demonstration of it from the seller. So, it becomes easy for the person to evaluate the level of noise generated by the machine.

If other than all the information that has been provided here anyone feels the need for any more information or any sort of help then in that case the user should get in touch with the professionals dealing in the market of fume extraction systems.


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