What are the various types of scrubbers that are available in the market?

The topic of discussion that is given here already suggests that the people reading it would have almost all the basic knowledge that is usually associated with the scrubbers, such as that the scrubbers are majorly used in the industries as air pollution controlling tool. The scrubbers are the most effective source of controlling the pollution that is there in the air.

So, here let us move to the main topic of discussion that is the various types of scrubbers that are available to handle all the different types of pollutions present in the air.


There are basically three main types of scrubbers that are available in the market for the purpose of air pollution control:

But keeping it all just limited to the basic introduction will not be of benefit to anyone obviously if one would plan to have a scrubber installed at a commercial setup then that person would be interested in the deeper details regarding each type of scrubber so that it would be easy to choose the right and the appropriate type of scrubber.

So, now we will be focusing on the detailed discussion regarding all the three types of scrubbers that have been listed above.

In order to start with, we will take our first move towards the Wet scrubbers reason they being the most popular type of scrubbers that are taken into use by the people for controlling the air pollution at the industries.  Basically, as the name suggests the wet scrubbers work towards the control of air pollution through water or through other types of liquid agents. Talking regarding the working procedure of the wet scrubber we can say that the liquid is generally enclosed in a metal or composite type of container. The dirty air or the gas passes through the liquid and the liquid absorbs all the pollutants. As a result, this whole process the gas or the air that comes out of the scrubber is generally cleaner and fit to be released in the environment. The wet scrubber is also different from other types of scrubbers because the merging of liquid with the gas gets the moisture level increased in the gas that is put to treatment and thus as the gas is cleaned a visible cloud comes out of the scrubber.

Now the wet scrubbers have been discussed well in detail and there is no stone left unturned for them so we shall now further move to the discussion related to the dry scrubbers talking regarding the dry scrubbers one can say that the dry scrubbers are not seen using any sort of liquid for the absorbing the contaminants. In order to make the dry scrubber work, generally, a dry reaction material for absorbing the contaminants is mixed with the polluted gas. The dry scrubbers are mainly used for the efficient removal of acids from the gases.

The agent that is used for the removal of acid from the gas is mostly made of alkaline slurry; the slurry is used for the purpose of neutralizing the acid present in the gas. The acid-neutralizing agent can be merged with the acid gas in two different ways one is through the dry sorbent injection the other is through the spray dry sorbent. In the first method, the gas is mixed directly into the alkaline sorbent whereas in the other method the contaminated gas goes through the mist of the sorbent.

Now, that all the information regarding the dry scrubbers has been collected, so we can now further move to the discussion related to the electrostatic precipitators. Talking regarding them one can say that they are the most unique type of scrubbers that are known for using charged energy for the removal of dust and other contaminants from the gas. Taking as an example of these types of scrubbers we can count on the plate precipitator. The plate is actually a metal sheet that is charged.  The plates usually run parallel along with the piping and the gas passes through the plates in order to remove the dust.

So, this is all the information that is associated with the different types of industrial scrubbers that are available in the market.


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