Which is more beneficial Ultrafilter or conventional filter?

Before getting into the discussion of benefits one needs to have proper basic knowledge of the process of Ultrafiltration and also one needs to know the difference between the Ultrafilters and the conventional filters. Understanding this basic difference between the two would further make it easy for the user to understand the benefits associated with both of these different types of filters.

Talking regarding the basic definition of the process of Ultrafiltration one can say that it is a process of separation that is conducted with the help of membranes that usually have a pore size of 0.1 to 0.001. This process works on the removal of colloidal materials,  high molecular weight substances also it works on the removal of inorganic, organic, and the polymeric molecules. The substances with the lower molecular weight are not removed by this process such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, and Chloride also Sulfate.


Now we shall move further and should go deeper in the topic, and should discuss the difference that is there between the Ultrafilters and the conventional filters as that would further help us in reaching to the main topic of discussion that is the filter that would prove out to be more beneficial out of the two types of filters. We can start the discussion with the Ultrafilters through the Ultrafilters the liquid stream flows alongside the surface of the membranes. The liquid that comes through the membrane is known as permeate. Other than that the type and amount of species that will be left in the, permeate will depend upon many factors such as the conditions of operations, and the quality of the feed. Now moving the discussion to the conventional filters we can say that the media filters and the cartridge filters are known only for the removal of the suspended solids. The suspended solids are removed from the liquid by getting them trapped. These types of filters in the water treatment plant are needed to be replaced and cleaned on a more frequent basis. The conventional type of filters is mostly used for the removal of large suspended particles.

Talking regarding the benefits associated with the Ultrafilters we can say that the list goes as follows:

  • Membrane modules create low fouling.
  • Filters perform excellent with the high flux.
  • Also, the filters are good at temperature tolerance and chemical resistance.
  • Efficient removal of bacteria and viruses.
  • Also, there are concentrated bleed flow capabilities.
  • For increasing the performance level and the operational life of the ultra-filters the membranes can be given a periodic backwash.
  • Also, the systems are always low costing and compact in designs.
  • Also, the UF configuration inside out provides high flowing areas and easy and smooth cleaning.

Though benefits of both the Ultrafiltration water treatment and the conventional water treatment have been discussed here in detail out of this one can easily weigh and see the one that is providing more benefits in general. But still, as it comes to the question of one out of the two is more beneficial than the conclusion on which a person would reach is that the answer to this lies in the exact needs of the user. The user will have to take into consideration many factors such as the quality of the liquid feed amount of the feed that is to be treated also the particles that are to be removed from the feed and many other such factors. So, the type of filters that may prove out to be beneficial to the user may depend from one user to another.

Though, in almost all the situations and all types of cases nowadays ultrafiltration technique and the ultra-filters are preferred over the conventional water treatment techniques and the use of the conventional type of water filters. If required then to get more information over the workings of the Ultrafiltration plants and the use of the Ultrafilters then in that case the user should get in touch with the experienced and skilled team of the water treatment process. Developing proper understanding regarding the workings and operations of the different types of water treatment techniques and machines often becomes a problem for the user without proper guidance, help, and support.  


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