Features associated with fume extraction system

As it comes to the industrial development of the country we can say that India has been growing itself in that aspect at a very fast pace. Slowly and steadily India is seen setting up many industries and factories ad industries for in-house manufacturing of many simple as well as advanced products. This way the country is seen moving towards self-sufficient ways it is through these ways and means the economy of the country is also moving towards great heights and is also getting into a certain kind of stability.

But for the sake of all this development and advancement the environment of the country can be seen paying big time, the increasing number of factories and industries is further increasing the amount of pollution in the country it is so because these industries and the factories are often seen emitting polluted elements mostly the manufacturing procedures conducted at the factories and the industries are such that they end up producing poisonous fumes so to keep the environment as well as the lives of the people safe and healthy the best thing to do is use fume extraction system in India.

But to use the fume extraction in the right manner it is very much necessary for the user to at least know the basics of the fume extraction system. So, here, for now, we will see the features associated with the setup of it. But before getting into details of those one needs to know that there are various types of systems that are available for use and all those different types of systems come with different sets of features. Central welding fume extraction system:


Features associated with the fume extraction system are given as follows:

  • Smart Filter, also there is a disposable filter
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • The suction pressure should be up to 80 degree

Other than this there are also fume extraction guns that are available for the same purpose of fume extraction.

Fume Extraction Guns:

Features associated with the fume extraction guns are given as follows:

  • Adjustable Vacuum chamber
  • Suction control valve
  • Snag-resistant hose
  • Flexible Crush

As it comes to the use of such complicated machinery it becomes very much necessary for the user to know the basic features associated with it this way, the further operations of such machines becomes easy for everyone. It is mostly seen that the fume extraction systems are taken into use by the steel industry plants as they are the ones that produce most of the fumes during the procedures. If other than all of the information related to the fume extraction systems, the user feels the need to know anything more than in that case the user should get in touch with the fume extraction system experts, as their experience and their skills would be able to help the person in away in which no one else would be able to get it done.

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What points one should know regarding wet scrubber design for boiler?

Talking in general regarding the wet scrubber one can say that it is a specially designed device that is basically used for removal of various pollutants from exhausted gases or from furnaces or another device. The devices are based on the use of scrubbing liquid for the removal of the pollutants. But the general information related to the wet scrubber is already known to the people and therefore that is not something needed to be discussed.

Here in the blog as per the demand of the topic we will see all the important things that one should note regarding the wet scrubber design in case of using it in a boiler. Here, we will see details regarding the technologies that are there added to the wet scrubber design for a boiler. Along with that, we will also see all the features and the points that one should take into consideration for the process of designing the wet scrubber.


Features associated with the wet scrubber design for the boiler are as follows:

  • Efficient handling air flow rate
  • Absorption for the removal of pollutants
  • Verity of construction material
  • Easy to use spray nozzles

There are still some more accessories that are added to the design of the wet scrubber:

  • Proper PH monitoring system for scrubbing liquid
  • Dosing system for adjusting PH
  • The Control panel of the device is operated through PLC
  • Points to consider for designing wet scrubber for boiler:
  • The user should keep a check on the airflow rate of exhaust gas
  • Velocity
  • Pollutant concentration
  • Reaction Rate
  • Liquid  gas ratio
  • HTU
  • Packing  depth
  • Gas  temperature

So, this is all one should know regarding the process of designing of wet scrubber for the boiler, if other than all the information that has been given here the user needs to know anything more than in that case the user should get in touch with the experts. The experts can be reached for the required help as and when needed lines are kept open all the time the users can connect with the experts as per the comfort of the users. The Clear Ion experts are not just limited to the wet scrubbers in India there are also many other pollution controlling devices and machines in which the company deals such as sewage treatment plants, Ultrafiltration plants, also there are swimming pool filtration plants that are easily made available through the same Clear Ion.

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Major technologies included in Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

The major challenge of the processing industries is Industrial wastewater. Even, there are some processing projects that haven’t been realized because of expensive or complexity related to their industrial wastewater treatment. While operators might have installed industrial wastewater treatment systems so that they can fulfill the demands of local rules and regulations when designed, they required costly upgraded programs to fulfill the new limits and regulations which are challenging and introduced further.

There are two major Effluent Treatment Plant Technologies which are mentioned below in detail to make you easy to understand. These two technologies include Bio-treatment and Advanced Oxidation. We will discuss both of this one by one in detail.


Bio-treatment technology for wastewater treatment processing plants

Biological procedures handle organic impurities mainly and Microbial-based technologies have been used over the last century for industrial wastewater treatment. These technologies development has provided successful procedures for the waste constituents’ damage readily biodegradable under aerobic conditions.

Aerobic degradation in oxygen presence can be a quite simple, reasonable, and environmentally friendly way to degrade wastes. Some critical factors in the premium degradation of the chosen substrate include temperature, pH, moisture, nutrients, and aeration rate which the bacterial culture is exposed to with the aeration and temperature as two of the major parameters which decide the degradation rates by the micro-organism.

The soluble organic biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) sources can be removed by any feasible microbial procedure, aerobic, anoxic, or anaerobic. Although aerobic procedures are commonly used as the BOD principle means lessening of wastewater due to the fast reactions of aerobic microbial that typically 10 times faster than anaerobic microbial reactions. Hence, these reactors can be designed small and atmosphere compatible, the flexibility the most reasonable BOD reduction means.

The main reason for successful bio-treatment technology of some industrial wastewater is to change or to optimize the substrate and cell contact time so that the biodegradation can be continued in an expensive and appropriate time and possible toxicity of the bacteria from wastewater and micro-flora is reduced.

Advanced Oxidation Wastewater Treatment Processes

Oxidation means a procedure in which electrons are adapted from one substance to another, leading to a possible expressed in volts referred to as regularized hydrogen electrode. From this, it has become easy to obtain different compounds from oxidation potentials. Chemical oxidation is a solution that fulfills the treated wastewater legislation. This is basically used after a secondary treatment for the non-biodegradable compounds damage.

A reference parameter in using chemical oxidation as a procedure of treatment is the chemical oxygen demand. Commonly, wastewater with small chemical oxygen demand contents can be ideally treated by these procedures because these contents require the consumption of an excessive amount of costly reactants.

Aerobic Oxidation Processes are almost similar to the ambient temperature and pressure wastewater treatment procedures. These processes include the highly reactive radicals’ generation in ample quantity for wastewater purification. These procedures are the proven methods for the contaminated ground treatment, wastewater, and surface water that contain bio-degradable organic pollutants. Hydroxyl radicals are reactive species that actually attack most of the organic molecules.

Aerobic Oxidation Processes are quite effective while changing rather refractory compounds into intermediates agreeable to biological oxidation through re-circulation to the biological unit inlet or even better and entirely mineralizing these compounds when it gets applied in the biological treatment outlet facility just like a final polishing step.

These are the two major technologies included in Effluent Treatment Plant in India. You can avail this treatment plant in different technical specifications to meet the clients’ diverse demands without expending too much.


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How does the Fume Extraction system in the steel plant work?

Furnace Fume Extraction, as well as filtration and Dusk collection systems, are basically installed to grab the un-burnt and fume particles of material that is produced whole melting as well as other several procedures. This system comprises suction hoods, hood required while pouring, swivel hood for standby furnace, and other types of the hood that are needed at several procedures with the butterfly and ducting dampers. Fume Extraction Systems comes with a centrifugal ID fan that is a vital part of this system.

The Furnace Fume extraction systems are designed very carefully and are ideal to achieve any environmental emission limits and standards as per the Pollution Control Board of area.


Fume Extraction System in India is installed for confining the un-burnt and fumes particles of material that is produced while melting and other industrial procedures. Clear Ions provides technically advanced, custom-made systems, highly efficient to meet specific industrial applications, and also meets the pollution control boards’ requirements across Indian and abroad as well.

What are the advantages of the Furnace Fume Extraction System?

There are lots of advantages of Furnace Fume Extraction system that are mentioned below:

  • Helps to create a safe and clean environment at work
  • Efficient to capture the dry dust so need to install Effluent Treatment plant to clean water properly
  • All emission levels can be achieved with the Filtration and Fume Extraction system
  • The system contains complete types of equipment and creates a safe and clean environment to work
  • User-friendly as well as maintenance-free operations
  • No clogging or binding of bags and less power consumption
  • Less downtime that is hectic in case of equipment procedure

For every captor hood, it is advisable to install a Pressure Gauge that indicates the flex arms/captor hood/booth that is required for the air-flow performance

  • It allows the operators to clearly see that if there is ample airflow for every LEV extract point
  • Including static pressure tubing and spigots
  • The Gauge has the capability to marked with the green operating zone that is specific for capture hood
  • Suggested for every LEV captor hood and etc

Clear Ion Experts offer a wide range of extraction equipment to manage all forms of industrial air pollution. Industrial Fume Extractors are basically heavy-duty air filtration units that are designed specifically for applications that produce high volumes of dust as well as fume particulate. Furnace Fume Extractors principle functions that are mentioned below:

  • Comprehensive protection against the environment just by trapping the toxins, fumes, and particulates into the filter and also leave clean air to be released into the quick area
  • Protection for the user/professional against toxic fumes and particulates
  • Safeguard you against the application or experiment by re-circulating clean air just back into the environment and also eliminate the harmful contaminants

We, Clear Ion Experts PVT.LTD have been engaged in manufacturing and supplying the Fume Extraction System in the steel plant. Our skilled professionals keep the environmental standards and norms in mind. Fume Extraction Systems are designed with utmost care and attention under the guidance of expert professionals and hence required low maintenance. One can avail this system in different technical specifications as per their requirements. We provide all types of extraction systems for all required fields at a very reasonable rate.


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What should be the criteria to choose Oil Skimmer for Machine Shop?

Using an Oil Skimmer for the machine shop setting has various benefits. Oil removal from a machine coolant tank will start some attractive benefits such as cutting the smoke created amount from the cutting tool that comes into the contact with the oil loaded coolant. When the machine is turned off for the weekend then, the oil can come to the coolant tank surface. The living bacteria in the coolant tank take the help of the dissolved oxygen in the coolant mix and a process which is enhancing just having the oil layer on the surface. Oil Skimmer allows the smell-causing anaerobic bacteria to succeed and providing as similar as rotten-egg smell.

To choose a perfect Oil Skimmer in India for the machine shop, first of all, define the operating conditions in which the skimmer is functioning or working. All oil skimmers have a medium of moving as well as possibly other parts that are engrossed in the liquid. The life, as well as performance of the medium pick-up, pulleys, and wiper blades, is affected in various conditions. There are the conditions that include temperatures in and out of the liquid, pH solution, and the solvents or other reactive chemicals presence.


Hazardous Materials: Applications that involve flammable materials, as well as volatile vapours, need explosion-proof usage or air-driven controls and motors.

Viscosity/Temperature: All oil skimmers need floating oil to be in a liquid, and free-flowing state. If the oil thickens or solidifies at the environmental temperatures, the tank or the oil skimmer will need the heaters for maintaining fluid flow. This is a fact that low temperature is enough to freeze the water. There is an obvious need for a heater if you are using an oil skimmer for outdoors in freezing temperatures.

Now, the second step is choosing an oil skimmer according to your need or expectations of the removal capacity. It is advisable that the capacity should be based on the extreme amount of oil removal in the shortest time frame. According to the rule-of-thumb, it has specified approximately two times the maximum capacity of the anticipated requirement for the normal conditions.

The further step is to choose the type of belt, tube skimmer, or disk for your skimmer and in such case, it is obvious that you will need appropriate media on your skimmer to ensure the correct results. And, in case if you think that all belt materials or types operate similarly or simply choosing the reasonable option will serve, then you are not right and you would be to prepare yourself for failure. You must have a skimmer that appears at the top of the line but you might have the incorrect belt, disc, or tube material on it and after that, it doesn’t matter how efficient skimmer you are using in that tank. The results will be less than stellar.

In the same manner, determining the appropriate wiper blade is very important and you will need to have something which can withstand the pH levels and temperatures of your application therefore they don’t warp or melt or completely break while operating.

What should be the length of an oil skimmer and tube?

Oil Skimmer Belt and Tube Length: The capacity of removing oil isn’t affected by length. You will need to select a length that will ensure the liquid contact at its lowest level and allows it for easy oil skimmer mounting where the oil discharge is easy and has excellent access for the routine service. It is essential to get a company that has the capability of soil skimmer supplying with the long belts, as well as lift skimmed oil well almost for 100 feet without any compromise with the capacity and efficiency. You must have a company like Clear-Ion Experts that will work effectively with the application requirements. The disk must have touched the fluid, size the diameter accordingly.

Selecting the appropriate oil skimmer doesn’t have to be a terrible procedure, but things can easily go sideways if you don’t recognize some particular aspects of your apt application. You will need to make sure that you are handling it with a trustworthy vendor. There are companies that actually understand and know the working procedure of oil skimmer. You should take help from the experts.


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What to note regarding the floating suctions and skimmer systems?

Floating Suctions skimmers are designed specifically for clean and safe liquid removal from the storage tanks where the liquids are required to be sterilized by solids or water. The multi-patented Floating Suction Skimmer is the fast and one of the efficient and most sturdy devices that are highly durable and available for skimming as well as removing floating oil and contaminants from the industrial fluids procedure.


There are so many benefits if having Floating Suction Skimmer which are mentioned below

  • It comes with a J-Tube model that has no hoses which sometimes affect the ballasting, and generate kinks and become collapsed or get robust
  • The standards products for the level of the change of 7 inches, 3.5 inches, and 17 inches as well as the new pivot arm skimmers actually accommodate the level changes of up to 50 inches
  • Suction Skimmer is designed with the quality-tested 304 stainless steel
  • Durable, efficient, and simple to use as per the customers’ feedback
  • Remove topmost fluid layer regularly o your coolant sumps and arts washer
  • Easily set the calculated depth of skim which you require
  • Floats with the changing fluid levels in your tanks
  • Can be easily installed over the edge of the tank

Let’s have a look at the Oil skimmers as you must have the knowledge of skimmers

The oil skimmers are designed specifically to skim out the hydrocarbon liquid floating level on the top of the water. Well, the oil skimmer is designed importantly to remove the top layer of a two-phase liquid that is stored in a tank. Usually, the line size varies from 3 or 4 inches and Clear Ion Experts can design this larger size than this as per the requirement of the customers. You only have to explain your requirement and then, you will be assisted by a professional for the same.

Well, using an Oil Skimmer has various many benefits that include:

Opportunities for Recycling: In some examples, there are so many companies that can re-use the skimmed oil or they also can see it for the recycling process by selecting to keep their part of the word cleaner

Lessen the Disposal Expenses: The expense of oil disposable coolant is more costly than the oil disposing

Enhance the Coolant Life: If you have the oil-free coolant then, you are the lucky one as having it will enhance the functional life of the skimmer as well as also enhances the effectiveness while lessening the cost which you spend on the coolant and maintenance replacement.

Esthetic Benefits: Oil removal from a machine coolant tank will cut down on the smoke amount which is created from the advanced tool that is coming into the interaction with the oil-laden coolant and create a visible and cleaner workplace

EPA Violation Avoidance: There are so many metal working and machining shops that enable the aqueous parts by cleaning as the limits imposed by the EPA on the wastes and emissions discharge

Beneficial for Hygiene: Keeping coolant oil-free and oxygenated lessens the “rotten egg” smell, as well as bacterial levels, are also decreased and result in a cleaner and safer work environment

Enhance the Tool Life: The removal of floating surface oils when refresh and aerate coolant will enhance the life of the tool

There are two types of suction line:

  • Roller – To use beneath an aluminum or steel floating roof
  • Suspended – Generally used for fixed roof tanks

Floating Suction Assemblies are ideal for various reasons that are:

It helps to provide a cleaner and safer product portraying the fluid closest to the surface. Foreign particles, water, debris, and rust settle at the tank’s bottom via the gravity force. The suction consumption has a stop leg to maintain an uninterrupted bottom of the tank and remove the high percentage of the water as well as sediments from the aircraft fuel, heating oils, motor oils, and petrochemicals.

  • It is also effective to lessen the inlet velocity with the special bellmouth therefore, the bottom stays undisturbed
  • It is effective to transfer water from sewage treatment plant separation tanks. In the installation of inverted, it also can skim the oils from the water runoff settling tanks
  • It is also effective in increasing the efficiency and decreasing the filter separator maintenance

These are a few things that one should keep in mind while using this floating suction oil skimmer system. If you are looking to get a Floating Suction Skimmer system in India then, Clear Ion Experts is the only answer. You can get this system in different sizes and specifications as per your demand.


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What are the Technologies Used for wastewater treatment at processing plants?

Treatment of the wastewater has been a big challenge for all the industrialists so far and also the challenge is becoming bigger and bigger for the people and especially for a country like India where the population is increasing day by day and talking regarding the connection that is there between the increasing population and the challenges of getting the industrial wastewater treatment done is that as the population of the country is increasing so is the number of industries and factories increasing in the country.

But it is not just the population of the country that is on a rapid increasing mode along with that the country is also working and researching on getting itself upgraded in the technical aspects and this development and upgrading in the technical aspect of the country obviously, is adding to the addition of various advanced technologies that can be used at various processing plants. All these treatment technologies that are used at the processing plants are used through the operations of the wastewater treatment plant.

So, here in the guide as per the demand of the topic, we will see all the different upgraded technologies that are used at different types of industries, factories, and manufacturing units for the proper treatment of the water coming out from all these.

The use of the technologies in the process of treatment of industrial wastewater may differ depending on the type and quality of the water that has to be treated.


The list of the technologies that are popularly used for the treatment of industrial wastewater along with the detailed description of each one goes as follows:

  • Oil removal from the water:In many industries and factories there is oil used in the process of manufacturing and thus after the process the industries are left with the oil-containing wastewater at such places for the treatment of the water the technology of gravitation, skimming, dissolved air floatation, coagulation and flocculation all of these are used. So, for efficient use of all these technologies various advanced oil skimmers and the API or the oil-water separators are taken into use.
  • Sedimentation:In order to get the industrial wastewater treated in the right manner at various industries and factories the technology of sedimentation is used, mostly this technology is taken into use where the suspended solids are to be separated from the wastewater, in this technology, there is no use of any type of chemicals in the process.
  • Biotreatment technique:This is another very popular technology that is used for the efficient treatment of the wastewater coming out from various types of industries and factories. Talking in detail regarding the use of this particular technology we can say that it is mainly used in the industries and the factories where organic impurities are to be removed from the water. Talking in more simple words and to make it easier for the people to understand we can say that this particular technology is taken into use for the treatment of the water that contains biodegradable waste in it. 

So, this is all related to the various technologies that are very often used with the process of getting the wastewater treated. There is not just one but there are various types of wastewater treatment plants that are taken into use for the treatment of different types of wastewater the plant that is used at the industrial processes is known as the effluent treatment plant. As there are so many divisions and subdivisions associated with the plants and machinery that are used for the proper treatment of the water.

Also, looking at the rapid increase in the levels of pollution one can say that it is not at all easy to get through all these unwanted elements without the use of advanced technologies and the latest machinery and equipment as they have been discussed here. The reason for wastewater treatment is an important process in the workings of various industries and factories is that getting the wastewater treated and processed further makes the water fit to be reused and in a country like India where water scarcity is becoming a serious issue the possibilities like wastewater reuse work as a ray of hope other than that also sometimes one cannot leave the untreated wastewater as it is into the environment and the atmosphere it is so because sometimes the contaminants in the water can be highly dangerous and threatening to the existence of life on Earth therefore to maintain all the safety standards it becomes necessary to put the wastewater through the advanced treatment technologies. Also, for the efficient workings of all such plants and machinery, it is advised that the user should take assistance from the experienced and skilled water treatment professionals as it comes to the installation, setup, and operations of the machinery. This way all of it becomes smooth and easy for the people otherwise it may get complicated for a person with a lack of knowledge.

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