What points one should know regarding wet scrubber design for boiler?

Talking in general regarding the wet scrubber one can say that it is a specially designed device that is basically used for removal of various pollutants from exhausted gases or from furnaces or another device. The devices are based on the use of scrubbing liquid for the removal of the pollutants. But the general information related to the wet scrubber is already known to the people and therefore that is not something needed to be discussed.

Here in the blog as per the demand of the topic we will see all the important things that one should note regarding the wet scrubber design in case of using it in a boiler. Here, we will see details regarding the technologies that are there added to the wet scrubber design for a boiler. Along with that, we will also see all the features and the points that one should take into consideration for the process of designing the wet scrubber.


Features associated with the wet scrubber design for the boiler are as follows:

  • Efficient handling air flow rate
  • Absorption for the removal of pollutants
  • Verity of construction material
  • Easy to use spray nozzles

There are still some more accessories that are added to the design of the wet scrubber:

  • Proper PH monitoring system for scrubbing liquid
  • Dosing system for adjusting PH
  • The Control panel of the device is operated through PLC
  • Points to consider for designing wet scrubber for boiler:
  • The user should keep a check on the airflow rate of exhaust gas
  • Velocity
  • Pollutant concentration
  • Reaction Rate
  • Liquid  gas ratio
  • HTU
  • Packing  depth
  • Gas  temperature

So, this is all one should know regarding the process of designing of wet scrubber for the boiler, if other than all the information that has been given here the user needs to know anything more than in that case the user should get in touch with the experts. The experts can be reached for the required help as and when needed lines are kept open all the time the users can connect with the experts as per the comfort of the users. The Clear Ion experts are not just limited to the wet scrubbers in India there are also many other pollution controlling devices and machines in which the company deals such as sewage treatment plants, Ultrafiltration plants, also there are swimming pool filtration plants that are easily made available through the same Clear Ion.

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