Significant factors associated with a sewage treatment plant

Sewage Treatment maintenance and functions is a tough process. It is important for the successful wastewater treatment before it is discharged into the environment then. Industrial wastewater is a by-product of industrial procedures and is isolated from the domestic sources of wastewater. There are a few things that one should keep in mind while having a Sewage Treatment Plant. For that, have a look at those important things which are mentioned in this guide.

Selecting a technology

There are a variety of technologies that are used in the Sewage Treatment Plant in India. There are three main types of wastewater treatment processes and that are chemical, biological, and mechanical. Every process has its own advantages, disadvantages, and limitations as well. Just take an example, some procedures are excellent for the ideal to the smaller volume, whereas some work excellent with the big volumes. A collection should be made after a proper calculation of every parameter. There are some other factors that have to be considered are, including the nature of the influent, the type of effluent, influent flows, resources, local conditions, by-products, and operation costs.


Capacity Determination

For the Sewage Treatment to work at its premium capacity, it should have effluent within a particular range. If it is operating on volumes that are too lower than the capacity of its then, it won’t work accurately. Just like, an overloaded Sewage Treatment will be just ineffective.

To calculate the capacity, a survey must be made of the household number. It provides the wastewater idea which will be produced in a day. It includes the calculation of average daily flow, peak hour flow as well as less daily flow.

While deciding the capacity, you also have to consider future expansion. The household number can enhance and the Sewage Treatment design should have provision for the expansion.

Supporting Infrastructure

Any plants for wastewater treatment in India require complete compatible infrastructure for proper working functionality. It consists of a power supply and sewage pipes which bring in affluent and also carry the discharge. Without the exact support, the Sewage Treatment cannot work properly. Constant electric breakdowns will also hamper the functionality and causes to the frequent breakdown eventually in its loss of the effectiveness.

To protect against this, you will need to make sure that there are alternatives, specifically for the power supply. There must be capable of electricity management on the infrastructure which can be used just after there is a power shut down.


The plant location is a very vital factor. A Sewage Treatment for a community has to be built on a large scale. It means a complete large area has to be devoted to the plant. Therefore, it is best to scope put the location in the starting blueprints. Many Sewage Treatment plants produce noxious gases which can be not good.

Therefore the location also has to be at a distance from residential sites and it also has to be taken into consideration in the area to lessen the effect of the fumes. The plant should be installed at a sufficient distance from the drinking water pipes or such source to prevent any possibility of cross-contamination.

The main two factors that should be considered are flood and soil protection. The Sewage Treatment plant should not be constructed on any land which is doubtful to flooding. Sufficient protects require to be in place to make sure that electronic, physical, and mechanical components of the plant are safeguarded from any drainage in case of a flood.

Flood Protection

The site which is susceptible by keeping flood in mind that site should not be used for the Sewage Treatment. If that site is compulsory then, measures should be taken to prevent flooding damage as might be directed by the local Conservation Authority or the Natural Resource Ontario Ministry. The treatment plant structures, mechanical and electrical equipment should be safeguarded from the physical damage by the 100-year event of a flood. This requirement applies to the advanced construction and to the existing facilities undergoes expansion. The designer should also be considered if high water level receiver would impact the treated sewage effluent discharge.

These are a few things which one should keep in mind for their Sewage Wastewater Treatment Plant. If you have installed it already at your site then, check these mentioned things and make sure that your site is safe for this plant. And in case, if you are planning to install it then, these are the main thing to keep in mind before the installation.

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