What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with Ultrafiltration purifier?

All of us are very well aware of the popularity of the ultrafiltration technique also the popularity of the water purifiers based on this technology is not at all hidden from anyone now. In most of the setups, it is seen that people prefer using the ultrafiltration water purifiers over other types of purifiers that are available for the treatment of the drinking water.


The other types of treatment techniques associated with the treatment of drinking and cooking water also include the technique of reverse osmosis, but that would still be counted as the second most popular technique in comparison to the popularity level of the technique of ultrafiltration. But still, not many of the people are well aware of this technique up to the deeper level.

So, here we will mainly focus on a detailed discussion of all the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with the technique of ultrafiltration. This discussion would provide a clear view of both the aspects of this particular technique and therefore it would become easy for the user to decide the type of water treatment technique to be used for the drinking water purification as per the requirement.  

The advantages that are associated with the usage of UF water purifiers are as given below:

  • Power supply not needed:The purifiers that work on the basis of the Ultrafiltration technique do not demand electricity they work with the help of pipes and the water pressure.
  • Destroys and removes pollution sources:This particular technique of water purification works very efficiently towards the destruction of all the viruses, bacteria, and also germs, and also with equal efficiency it removes the dead bacteria, viruses, and the germs from the water and thus makes it fit for drinking.
  • Provides proper treatment for dirty muddy water:The UF purifiers are also known for efficient cleaning of all the mud and dirt from the water.
  • Proper water purification:Most of the water purifiers use the chlorine treatment for the removal of pollutants from the water but that chlorine is not efficient of cleaning away the eggs and cysts from the germs, but the type of chlorine used by the ultrafiltration purifiers is well efficient of fighting against the eggs as well and thus it succeeds in providing better results as compared to other purifiers.
  • Strong Membranes:The membranes that are used in the designing of ultrafiltration purifiers are generally very strong and they do crack therefore, the filter never gives out impure water and therefore can be taken as a safe choice.  

Now that all the advantages associated with the UF purifiers have been given a proper discussion, so now we shall move to the other aspect of it that is the disadvantages, but as we get into the details it is seen that there is nothing much that can be counted as a disadvantage the only thing that one should keep in mind while installing this type of purifier is that this technique is not capable of removing heavy metals and the dissolved salts from the water for that one should only use the RO based filtration system. The use of UF water purifiers is much appropriate to be used for the purification and treatment of river water, well water, and the water that is stored in the rain harvesters.

In other words, we can say that the water on which UF purifiers are to be used for treatment should have good TDS levels, and also the water should be already free of toxic elements like lead, arsenic, cadmium, etc.

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