What Are The Problems Associated With The Fume Extraction System Guns?

Let us start ourselves with the discussion of the importance of using a fume extraction system, about that one can say that a fume extraction system is important to be used at such industries that produce a high level of toxic fumes, as it is very important for those fume producing factories and industries to put those fumes to treatment before releasing them into the atmosphere, releasing the fumes into the atmosphere without proper treatment would lead to increasing levels of pollution in the air.

The Fume Extraction Systems are the best way to get the fumes treated as a fume extraction system extracts all the poison from the fumes and then makes it fit for being released in the atmosphere, the use of a fume extraction system is mainly important in the welding industry as the welding industry is the one that produces most of the poisonous fumes.

Here we will mainly focus on the various problems associated with the fume extraction system guns. Also, we will get into the details and would discuss all solutions to those problems.


There are in total 4 major problems that are faced by the people using the fume extraction guns, those major problems are given below along with their solutions:

  • Heaviness: The traditional fume extraction guns are very heavy and bulky to be used, it often becomes problematic for the welders to keep a hold of the guns during the welding process, but as a solution, the advanced and latest technology has come to their rescue as the newly manufactured guns are very much advanced and are also very easy to be handled.
  • Weld joint access: The front part of the welding Fume Extraction System gun is still very heavy and bulky, it is said to be more of the fault in the designing as the design was made with a focus on maximum fume extraction, but keeping the whole focus only on that further resulted in big front ends and it then became a problem for the welders as those big bulky front ends blocked the view of the object under welding, this further makes the gun difficult for the welder to operate. The problem is still as it is there is still a solution to be found for this. However, there are some welding gun makers who are trying to work on the improvement of the device so that the problem goes away and the gun becomes convenient for the welders to use.
  • Smoke collection: Many of the welders using the fume extraction guns are seen complaining that these guns do not collect as much of the fume as the manufacturers advertise, but this is something that happens because of some technical glitch in the fume extraction system or in the fume extracting gun, it is advised that the user gets that checked, if not then the problem can be with the position of the welder. It is very much necessary for the welder to be sitting in the right position while welding as otherwise fume collection may become a problem or there is also a possibility of some mishap to occur during the process of welding.
  • Poor weld quality: This problem is very common with the fume extraction guns this mainly happens with the old guns that are still taken into use, as their design is not up to the mark for taking into account the effects of gas flow. But for the fix of this issue, it is advised to the user to use the portable gas flow meter for checking the flow of gas.

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