How to remove oil efficiently using oil skimmers?

Just imagine tackling your greatest production challenge, easily, quickly, and inexpensive and even creating a profit while doing so. For industries and businesses which handle the oil separation and removal, the solution doesn’t require being inefficient and expensive. In fact, the answer might be easier than you think.


When Oil is an Issue

Industries as diverse biodiesel, steel, food processing, manufacturing, wastewater treatment, trucking service industries, and utility – all face a common and simple problem and that is oily water. Where water is widely used at some point along the production process, either in cooling machinery, playing a crucial part, and washing down equipment in the manufacturing procedure, issues occur when water picks up the oil. Regardless of facility reuses the water or sends it to a city treatment plant, it has to be cleaned. Manu facilities, although, aren’t integrated to effectively remove oil. Plant efficiency suffers.

Traditional Approaches to Water/Oil Separation

The first step to eliminate oil is separating it from water. Stokes’ Law states that the given time and a wide enough surface area, water, and oil will separate eventually, providing you two distinctive layers. A good system of separation will provide you those two layers. For facilitating this process of separation, many of the plants use Built-in oil/grease interceptors or the separators. Using a combination of flow baffles, patterns, aeration, or plates to enhance the contact with the oily water, they increase the procedure by maximizing the number of the small droplets which will agglomerate and rise to the surface and result in concentrated oil layer and a layer of oil-free water that is ready for the secondary discharge or processing.

Usage of Oil skimmer for removing oil

  • An oil skimmer is an ideal solution and it is a piece of equipment that removes the oil frequently from the surface of the water. Oil skimmers are extensively used in a vast variety of industries like biodiesel, manufacturing, steel, food processing, wastewater treatment as well as utility. Not every facility usages an oil skimmer. Let’s move with the reason due to which Oil Skimmer is required and how to select the correct skimmer properly.
  • The few and obvious reason to use an Oil Skimmer is to eliminate oil from water. Apart from this, there are various beneficial reasons for using an oil skimmer. Using an oil skimmer can save time and money both.
  • Eliminated waste oil can be precious to other industries that develop products with waste oil. For instance, industries with the animal fats, vegetable oils, as a by-product, can provide this precious oil to other industries to make products like soap, biodiesel, and animal feed. Waste petroleum oil can also be cleaned and re-cycled and also receive additives to help to make new petroleum
  • Some plants are re-circulate their water after treatment and some of them to a city treatment plant. Whichever is used, the removal of oil prior to treatment lessens costs and makes the treatment more efficient and often resulting in less surcharge.
  • Unlike time-consuming and expensive manual skimming, an automatic oil skimmer frequently eliminates oil unattended
  • The cost of an outside contractor to pull away oil is excellent reduced with the installation of an oil skimmer. Since oil skimmer eliminates oil and now water, the facility isn’t charged for hauling away water. Apart from this, with the container collecting oil without water, it is possible that the oil has value and hence reversing the charge
  • If the oil is left to build up, it can potentially be a fire hazard. An oil skimmer helps to lessen that threat by eliminating the oil
  • Using an oil skimmer prevents foul smell and when an oil layer forms on the water surface, it helps to prevent oxygen from reaching the water and allow anaerobic bacteria to grow and these bacteria can cause the smell
  • Skimming can also prevent clogs in lines and sprays by eliminating coolant’s tramp oil. This tramp oil removal increases the effect as well as the life of the coolant and also maximizes the life of the tool

Waste oil doesn’t need to be a burden to plant personnel. Using an oil skimmer assures that the oil will be removed easily with less effort. With the right oil skimmer, a facility can effectively manage the oil and also save time and money. Clear Ion Expert Pvt. Ltd is a well-known company that is engaged in manufacturing these skimmers. You can avail it in different technical specifications at a very economical rate.

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