What types of filters are used to treat Swimming Pools?

While you are planning for a swimming pool before the construction phase you have to decide the type of filter which you want to use. Every type has its benefits and drawbacks and each has a different rate point, useful filter life, and unique cleaning aspects. The pool filters are highly efficient and feature weather-resistant tanks for the years of dependable use.

Using a swimming pool filter is very important as it keeps the water clean and sparkling. It is also effective in maintaining the hygiene level of the pool and makes it safe to swim in. without a pool filter, debris, and dirt will not only make its way into the pool but will also remain in it. And it can lead to health problems for those who use the pool and will also add to the possibility of algae growth in the water.

There are many types of Swimming Pool Filter systems available in the market and the main function of a pool water filter is to collect the contaminants and particulates in the water as well as hold them within the filter. The clean water is then pushed back into the swimming pool. There are three types of swimming pool filters which are mentioned below.


  1. Cartridge Pool Filters

It is one of the great choices for small ground or above ground pools and also spas with small water volume to turn over. The filter cartridges are basically made from the spun polyester. There is no backwash system for cartridge filters. The filters should be dirt free at least every 4 to 6 months. Suitably, when the clean pressure gauge enhances its reading more than 8-10 it is time to clean the cartridge. This procedure is easy, all one has to do is eliminate and flush down the cartridge with a garden hose. Let the cleaned filter cartridge dry thoroughly in the sun so that all the microbes die off. Soaking the cartridge in a TSP or similar cleaning solution prior to hosing will increase your cleaning. The filter cartridge must be replaced after -10-18 cleaning cycles for excellent results.

  1. Sand Pool Filters

Sand Filters are the simplest of filter types that are available to pool owners. There is no need to examine the inside of a sand filter periodically. Cleaning/backwashing is simple that is facilitated by the means of a multiport valve and auto backwash system. It is also available to pool owners. There is literally no need to inspect the inside of a sand filter periodically. Backwashing/Cleaning is simple that is facilitated by the means of a multiport valve and auto backwash system. It is also available in the market. The sand is the main filter medium in sand filters are connected to a pump with a pre-filter that takes the suction from the main drains. The pool sand filters are known to require less maintenance out of three types of pool filters. You might need to open the tank every 3 years or so if it is maintained and backwashed at regular intervals, the clean pressure gauge will provide you an indication on when to backwash the filters. A sand filter can be the ideal choice for a pool owner who wants value, durability, and simplicity.

  1. DE pool filters

DE pool filters have the ideal filtration of all the pool filter types, they can filter or collect particles up to 3 microns. DE powder is what actually does the filtering. The powder is added through the skimmers, that coats the filter fabric/fine mesh covered grid. The water first passes through the powder, then the fabric covered grid then passes through the DE and finally, the dirt gets collected in the DE powder "cake" or coating. DE pool filters are expensive and have a bit of higher maintenance than other filter types, but it produces excellent results. DE means Diatomaceous Earth, that is the microscopic skeletons of Diatoms, an ancient sub aquatic creature. Under the microscope, Diatoms and perlite appear to be tiny sponges. This is where the dirt, oil, and contaminants become gathered in your filter, within the powder.

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